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Introducing LO Ninja, your virtual loan assistant.

Expertly sifting through deals for maximum efficiency, LO Ninja tackles the heavy lifting allowing you to focus on what you do best - closing deals.

REPLACES: Zoho | Keap | Bonzo

Save Deals from Slipping Through the Cracks

Harness the power of two-way texting with fully compliant smart follow-ups and automated lead conversion, focusing on the qualified leads and leaving the chase behind.

REPLACESActive Campaign | Skipio | Bonzo

Streamline your business, reclaim your time, and secure future revenue.

REPLACES: Keap | Pipedrive | Bonzo

Konnectd's A.I. powered automation, delivers perfectly-timed content and loan milestone alerts that deepen relationships and boost referrals.

Join the Modern Broker Revolution

A Seamless Journey from Pre-Loan to Post-Close

Experience an effective and smooth sales journey, including done-for-you automated drip campaigns and re-engagement opportunities from start to finish.

REPLACES: Follow-Up Boss | Bonzo | Zoho

Streamline Your Lead Generation

Boost online visibility instantly with directory syncing across 60+ search engines, sites, and apps. Every customer interaction is conveniently organized in a single inbox, ensuring no leads ever slip through the cracks.

REPLACES: MOZ | Brightlocal | Whitespark

Easily Integrated With Your Daily Routine

Sales Funnels & Landing Pages

Access 15-20 customized sales funnels, including lead magnets, free reports, booking funnels, review funnels, and more. Designed for optimal lead generation.

REPLACES: Clickfunnels | Wix | Squarespace

CRM and Lead Management

Centralize and simplify database management, keeping all activities and documents in one place. Sync with Arive, organize better, and grow faster.

REPLACES: Bonzo | Hubspot | Pipedrive

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Be at the leading edge of industry standards and maintain compliance effortlessly, while driving your mortgage business growth.

All-Inclusive Marketing Toolkit

Get all the tools, content, and sales funnels needed to attract, engage, and convert leads into clients. Your one-stop solution for mortgage marketing.

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