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$199 One-Time Surge Set Up

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$199 One-Time Surge Set Up

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Our personalized onboarding sessions are designed to help you hit the ground running and make the most of the Konnectd platform. We set up everything, A-Z.

Common Questions About Konnectd

Our Surge Setup is a customized onboarding experience where we completely build, launch and optimize your marketing system for your business within two weeks. To ensure that all of our users are setup for success & growth, we’ve made the one-time Surge Setup and onboarding a prerequisite.

Plans can be updated or cancelled anytime from within your account. We operate month to month with no contracts or commitments.

Apart from our onboarding sessions where we help you to hit the ground running, we also have an extensive help library full of tutorials on how to make our platform work for you. We also have email support with rapid responses to ensure you’re fully equipped for success.

Konnectd provides voice, text (SMS), and email services for Subscriber’s use. Konnectd provides 100 messaging credits monthly (Approximately 500 SMS, 450 mins of calls, or 6000 emails.) Any overages are billed at $0.0097 per message.  Subscriber agrees to acceptable use as described by Konnectd Terms & Conditions.

Nope!  We’re updating our software all the time, so you’ll always enjoy the industry’s newest features as a Konnectd user.

The integrations are endless.