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All Your Tools, Less Cost, More Impact.

Konnectd: The Platform to

All Your Tools, Less Cost, More Impact.

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Save Money, Boost Productivity: One App To Replace Them All

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Smart Campaigns

Leverage automated follow-ups for Unparalleled engagement

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Unified Messaging Hub

Centralize communications with SMS, Email, Voice, and Video

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A.I. Conversation Engine

AI Support Elevating Your
Customer Interactions

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Streamlined Pipelines

Boost Sales and Team Efficiency with Organized Workflows

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Plug & Play

Dive right in with pre-designed templates & workflows

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Contact Management

Keep in touch with your contacts, anytime, anywhere

Optimize Your Time and Let A.I. Handle the Details

Minimize staff overhead and focus on the big picture with smart A.I. marketing automations.

REPLACES: Mailchimp | ActiveCampaign | Hubspot

A Modern Approach To SEO

Konnectd Listings amplifies your business’s online presence by listing your business across the top 10 most influential directories and over 60 search engines, sites, and apps, enhancing SEO and voice search results to attract more customers instantly.

Respond first, win more

Communication Will Make Or Break A Business. 78% of new business favors quick replies. Elevate your game with a unified inbox that brings calls, texts, and social messages together effortlessly.

REPLACES: Birdeye | Kajabi | Podium

The platform that pays for itself.

No contracts, cancel anytime.




$199 One-Time Surge Set Up

Reach More Customers


Best Value



$199 One-Time Surge Set Up

All Foundation Features

Who, what, where —it's all there​

What is the Surge Setup?

Surge Setup is our onboarding process where our team fully sets up and fine-tunes your marketing system for your specific business needs. It's a one-time requirement to ensure every Konnectd user starts on the right foot for growth and success.

Can I switch plans or cancel anytime?

We offer flexible, month-to-month plans with no contracts. Easily update or cancel anytime from your account.

How are emails and texts billed?

Every month, you get 100 free message credits (about 750 texts, 600 call minutes, or 8,000 emails). Overages are charged at roughly $0.0098 per message (average of calls/texts/emails combined).

What kind of support is provided?

Alongside our hands-on onboarding, we provide a rich collection of step-by-step tutorials and dedicated email support to guide you every step of the way with Konnectd.

Do I need any technical skills to use the platform?

Not at all! Our platform is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and step-by-step guides.

Bottom Line

Save Money While Working Smarter And Closing More Deals

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